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Off The Beaten Path 




Access to the US National Park system as well as other animal-rich regions has given wonderful vantage points for photographing animals. Our favorite location is Yellowstone Park, for the breadth and access to these wild animals.

It all started with a drive in the park.



While many of these pictures involved efforts to see the beauty or capture the wildlife, just as many were readily accessible from stopping at the side of the road with a short walk. 

There is often a lot to see along the beaten path.



We love to explore the wild and remote locales throughout the US and around the world, from Yellowstone Park to the Maria Island Walk off of Tasmania to the Northern Lights in Iceland.

For all the beauty we have found all over the world, there is so much right here in the US.


Often the subject is on the path itself



We’re Steven and Gabriele, a husband-and-wife photography team who share a passion for nature and wildlife photography.  We love exploring national parks. This started in the United States and has continued with our travels to other lands. We’re intensely curious about what makes each park unique. From the sophisticated social-networking of Yellowstone’s wolf packs to the at-dusk venturing of the rock wallabies at Flinders Ranges National Park deep in the Australian Outback to the native Icelandic horses along the Ring Road – we’ve embraced each unique adventure both off (and on) the beaten path to better connect to the natural world.

We love connecting with others to educate ourselves about the local wildlife, and now we want to share our love for the natural world with you through our photos.

Please enjoy a sampling of our favorite photographs.

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